Rob Dyrdek

Rob Dyrdek
Rob Dyrdek Age: 41

When was Rob Dyrdek Born?

Rob Dyrdek Birthday:

June , 28th 1974

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Where was Rob Dyrdek born ?

Kettering City
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About Us:

Reality television star/professional skateboarder Robert Stanley Dyrdek’s birthday is June 28, 1974. Drydek is perhaps best recognized for his roles on such shows as “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory” and “Rob and Big,” which featured his best friend (and also his bodyguard) Christopher Boykin, his friend Rashawn “Bam Bam” Davis, and his cousin, Chris “Drama” Pfaff to start. “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory” consisted of Dyrdek and Pfaff, as well as the Drydek Enterprise straff, and their activities at the used-to-be warehouse where Dyrdek conducts his business endeavors. The “Factory” is part play area, part workbench, as it features an indoor skate plaza, a foam pit, basketball hoops, and Drydek’s home office. Dyrdek also put a music studio (“hands of God”) inside the factory for Pfaff. While in his first season of the show, Dyrdek was able to open the first “SafeSpot SkateSpot” under the sponsorship of Carl’s Jr., and at the grand opening celebration, Mayor Villaraigosa rode on the world’s largest skateboard with Dyrdek. Dyrdek has appeared in such video games as skate. and Skate 2, and Boykin and Dyrdek were shown in an episode of “Rob and Big” heading to the EA building to shoot some scenes for the games. Dyrdek has also appeared in the film “Jackass 3.5,” as well as on the television show “Punk’d” wherein Justin Bieber tried, and failed, to prank him.