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Pharrell Williams Age: 42

When was Pharrell Williams Born?

Pharrell Williams Birthday:

April , 5th 1973

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Where was Pharrell Williams born ?

Virginia Beach City
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About Us:

Pharrell Williams was born in Virginia on the 5th of April in 1973. He was the oldest child in his family, which included two other brothers. His father, Pharaoh, worked as a handyman and his mother worked in the education field as a teacher. During his childhood years, he learned how to play the keyboards and the drums. He later became a part of a maeching band, along with a friend that would later become a part of a group with Pharrell called The Neptunes, along with two of their other friends. During a talent show in their high school, they were discovered and signed with a local studio owner. Pharrell has also helped to write lyrics for several other performers, in addition to his own work as a singer, rapper, and fashion designer.

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