Paul Simon

Paul Simon
Paul Simon Age: 73

When was Paul Simon Born?

Paul Simon Birthday:

October , 13th 1941

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Where was Paul Simon born ?

Newark City
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Paul Frederic Simon was born in New Jersey on the 13th of October in 1941. His father worked in several careers, teaching at a local college while also being a dance bandleader. His parents moved to New York in 1941. Simon met his later musical partner, Art Garfunkel, when he was only 11 years old. Both of the two attended Forest Hills High School, where their musical career started. Together, they worked on a production of the play Alice in Wonderland that was performed at the graduation from the 6th grade. After this, they began to sing together often. Simon put together his first unique song composition at the age of 12. The original copy of this song is now stored with the Library of Congress and is known to be the first song copyrighted by the duo.