Nene Leakes

Nene Leakes
Nene Leakes Age: 47

When was Nene Leakes Born?

Nene Leakes Birthday:

December , 13th 1967

What sign is Nene Leakes ?


Where was Nene Leakes born ?

Queens City
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About Us:

Actress NeNe Leakes’ birthday is December 13, 1967. Leakes is most recognizable for her participation in the reality series “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” as well as her recent role as “Coach Roz Washington,” the Olympic bronze-medalist swim coach on the Fox network’s musical sitcom “Glee.” Leakes has also been on “The Celebrity Apprentice 4” as a contestant, as well as a series regular on the NBC comedy “The New Normal” as “Rocky Rhoades,” another Ryan Murphy production (in addition to “Glee”). Leakes has also been a guest host with news anchor Anderson Cooper on his programs “Anderson Live” and “The Talk.” During the tenth episode of her stint on the “Apprentice,” Leakes got into a heated argument with fellow cast-mate Star Jones and walked off set, failing to earn any money for her charitable organization, My Sister’s House. Leakes has also spoken out against domestic abuse, and she has even written a memoir detailing her own experiences as an abuse victim. She also used to work as a stripper in the ’90s, and her stage name was “Silk.” Leakes has one son, Bryson, with an ex-boyfriend, and another son, Brentt, with Gregg Leakes, her ex-husband. Leakes met her ex-husband while stripping, and he has older children of his own with his exes.