Madonna Age: 57

When was Madonna Born?

Madonna Birthday:

August , 16th 1958

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Where was Madonna born ?

Bay City City
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How old is Madonna? If you know what her birth date is, it is not hard to figure out what Madonna’s age is. The artist that is currently known as “Madonna” was born Madonna Louise Ciccone on the 16th of August in the year 1958. Her family resided in Michigan when she was first born. As a child, Madonna was often referred to by her family members with the nickname “Little Nonni.” When Madonna was only 30 years old, in 1963, her mother passed away after suffering from breast cancer. Prior to her death, her mother had suffered for months from emotional weariness and exhibited changes in the way that she behaved. Madonna acted as a major support to her mother during this difficult time. After her mother died, Madonna began to spend time with her grandmother for consolation. While she was in high school, Madonna’s father found another wife, with whom he had two more children. Because of her anger over his actions, Madonna began to act out at school. Although she kept great grades in her classes during high school and was able to benefit from ballet and dance classes, Madonna never finished her collegiate education. When she was 20 years old, Madonna left college, moving to New York City, where she took a part-time job in the food industry as a waitress. During her time in New York, Madonna had many ups and downs. She was able to experience big city life for the first time and was excited to take part in performances for major artists by working as a dancer in the background of their shows. However, it was also during this time that Madonna became a victim of rape. After this, she went on to become a part of a rock band that was made up of girls, in which Madonna played the guitar and the drums, in addition to singing for the band. The Guinness Book of World Records notes that she is the female artist that has the best sales record in history. Madonna is well known for her theatrical performances, where she stands apart for taking on imagery from a variety of cultural sources. Because of this, Time magazine designated Madonna as one of the “25 Most Powerful Women of the Past Century” in the music industry. Madonna has toured multiple countries with her musical performances, in addition to acting and dancing in several musicals and films. Madonna has also worked to develop clothing lines, write children’s books, and to direct and produce feature films.