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justin bieber
Justin Bieber Age: 21

When was Justin Bieber Born?

Justin Bieber Birthday:

March , 1st 1994

What sign is Justin Bieber ?


Where was Justin Bieber born ?

London City
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About Us:

How old is Justin Bieber? If you know when he was born, it is simple to learn what Justin Bieber’s age is. Justin Drew Bieber was born on the first of March in the year 1994. Although his career began in America, Bieber was born in Canada. Bieber’s mother and father never married, although they have worked together to raise Bieber successfully and to make decisions regarding his career choices. When she first found out that she was pregnant with Justin, Bieber’s mother was just 17 years of age. To be able to raise him with support, she worked with her own mother and her stepfather. Justin was interested in learning about the music industry and becoming a professional musician and performer himself from the time that he was just a young child. Although he regularly showed his interest in athletics, Bieber did not share his personal musical talent with anyone in school. Instead, he practiced and learned several instruments and did not perform vocally until he turned 12 years old. His first public performance occurred in 2007 for a competition in which he received second place. His mother went on to the popular site, YouTube, to share a short video of his performance. He rapidly gained fans that were interested in the unique sound of Bieber’s voice and musical style. He was first found and sought for a professional career by Scooter Braun, a talent manager who discovered videos of Bieber performing on YouTube and helped to arrange for him to be signed to the Raymond Braun Media Group, where he later accepted a recording contact under L.A. Reid. Although Bieber’s mother initially had several misgivings about the manager that she was trusting her son to, she later decided that partnering with him would be the right move for Justin. His very first album came out in November of 2009 to great acclaim. He was only 15 years old at that time. He is known as the first artist ever to have seven of his songs from a single record land on the charts for the Billboard Hot 100. His next album, released less than a year after his first when Bieber was 16 years old, topped the charts in multiple countries. He has sold millions of copies of his albums and is known around the world for his music. He has even been designated by a top magazine as one of the most powerful figures in entertainment because of his influence over the teenage population of multiple countries.