Jeff Goldblum

Jeff Goldblum
Jeff Goldblum Age: 63

When was Jeff Goldblum Born?

Jeff Goldblum Birthday:

October , 22nd 1952

What sign is Jeff Goldblum ?


Where was Jeff Goldblum born ?

West Homestead City
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How old is Jeff Goldblum? It is easy to learn the age of Jeff Goldblum by taking a look at the date that he was born. Jeffrey Lynn “Jeff” Goldblum is a veteran actor who was born on the 22nd of October 22 in the year 1952. He was originally born outside of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania. His mother worked in the entertainment industry as one of the broadcasters on a radio program. His father was employed as a doctor of medicine. Goldblum was raised with three siblings. His family originally lived in both Austria and Russia, although they moved to the United States before Goldblum was born. At the age of 17, Jeff moved to New York to pursue a career as an actor. He began to work in various stage productions, studying the craft and art of acting at one of the local theatres. He worked under the tutelage of an acting coach during this time. He first appeared on Broadway in a musical version of a popular Shakespearean play that went on to receive several Tony awards. In addition to his skill in acting, he is also talented in playing jazz on the piano. His first appearance on film occurred in 1974 when Goldblum was 22 years old. He played a character that skirted the law in a film by Charles Bronson. A year later, he also worked in a small role on a movie that was made for television. He enjoyed several smaller roles in the coming years before achieving lead roles in movies. The worked in popular movies including Jurassic Park, The Fly, and Independence Day, each of which premiered in the 1980s and 1990s. In addition to his work on screen, Goldblum has worked as a voice actor for several productions, including multiple advertisements for large companies such as Apple and Toyota. He has worked as a teacher in theatre and continues to regularly participate in productions in the realm of theatre. Although he usually places scientific characters, he has also appeared on the popular children’s television show Sesame Street. He took over for actor Chris Noth on the “Law & Order” series for a brief period of time, although he opted not to continue to act on the show because he was concerned about the ability of the show to remain on the air for future seasons. Goldblum has had two marriages. He was married for six years to actress Patricia Gaul and for three years to actress Geena Davis. Both of these women worked on productions with Goldblum prior to their marriages.