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Danny Trejo Age: 71

When was Danny Trejo Born?

Danny Trejo Birthday:

May , 16th 1944

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Where was Danny Trejo born ?

Los Angeles City
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Actor Dan Trejo’s birthday is May 16, 1944. Trejo has appeared in a number of films, and he is typically cast as the villain or the tough anti-hero. Some of his better known films include “Con Air,” “Desperado,” and “Machete.” Trejo is actually second cousins with filmmaker Robert Rodriguez, with whom he worked on the film “Desperado,” yet the two were not actually aware that they were related until they began working together. Trejo was considering becoming a professional boxer, but his life took a dark turn when he was imprisoned on an 11-year sentence for drug/robbery charges. He became the Pennsylvania State Prison champion in boxing while incarcerated, excelling in the lightweight and welterweight divisions. He also completed a twelve-step program while in jail, and he credits the program for assisting him in overcoming his drug addiction. Trejo was discovered while speaking at a Los Angeles recovery meeting by a screenwriter who had served time with him in San Quentin, Edward Bunker. Bunker offered him a role as an extra in the film “Runaway Train,” and from there, Trejo was offered $320 per day to train actor Eric Roberts for a boxing scene he needed to film. The director, Andrei Konchalovsky, enjoyed Trejo’s work so much that he offered him a major role in the film. Since then, Trejo has become a prolific action movie star.