Danny Pudi

Danny Pudi
Danny Pudi Age: 36

When was Danny Pudi Born?

Danny Pudi Birthday:

March , 10th 1979

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Where was Danny Pudi born ?

Chicago City
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About Us:

Actor/comedian Daniel Mark Pudi’s birthday is March 10, 1979. Pudi is most recognized for the role of “Abed Nadir” on the NBC network’s sitcom “Community.” Pudi is of Polish and Indian descent, and he grew up speaking Polish in Chicago. While attending college at Marquette University in Wisconsin, Pudi was the recipient of the Chris Farley Scholarship. This paid for a year of his schooling, as well as helped him get a gig performing at an improvisational comedy show that also featured Dave Chappelle and Jim Breuer. Appearing in this show furthered Pudi’s interest in studying improvisational comedy, and he moved to Los Angeles in 2005. Because Pudi was working from home, he was better able to attend auditions. He was featured on numerous television shows before landing the role of Abed on “Community.” Pudi has appeared in commercials for such products as T-Mobile, McDonald’s, Verizon, Pokémon, and Snickers. In 2009, Pudi played “Arash” in the poorly received “Road Trip: Beer Pong,”, though his appearance in “Knight of Badassdom” was rated as one of the highlights at 2011’s Comic Con. Pudi is married to Bridget Showalter, and the two have twins, a boy and a girl both a little over one year of age.