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Burt Ward Age: 70

When was Burt Ward Born?

Burt Ward Birthday:

July , 6th 1945

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Where was Burt Ward born ?

Los Angeles City
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Actor Burt Ward’s birthday is July 6, 1945. Ward is best known for playing “Robin” on the ’60s television series “Batman,” as well as in its big-screen spin-off. At the age of 2 years old, Ward was listed in the “Strange as It Seems” magazine as being the world’s youngest professional ice skater. He was given the nickname of “Sparky” as a child, which is rumored to either be from the sparks his skates would create or because of his spunky, energetic demeanor. Ward was only 19 years old when he auditioned to play “Robin” opposite fellow actor Adam West. The two were up against actors Lyle Waggoner and Peter Deyell, who were also auditioning to play “Batman” and “Robin,” respectively. Ward changed his true last name from “Gervis” to his mother’s maiden name of “Ward” when he was offered the role, citing that “Gervis” might be too difficult for people to pronounce. He also changed the spelling of his first name from “Bert” to “Burt” to give it an added “punch.” Unlike West, Ward had to do a lot of his own dangerous stunt work. This was because his costume showed more of his face, so the use of a stunt man in his place would have been too obvious.