Beyonce Age: 34

When was Beyonce Born?

Beyonce Birthday:

September , 4th 1981

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Where was Beyonce born ?

Houston City
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How old is Beyonce? Beyonce’s age is easy to figure out if you know when she was born. Beyonce Giselle Knowles was born on the 4th of September in the year 1981. She was raised in Texas, where she attended multiple schools that had a focus on the performing arts. Both of her parents worked in the entertainment industry when Beyonce was a child. Her father was one of the managers of a record label and her mother worked styling hair and designing costumes. Beyonce was the youngest sister in her family and her older sister also works in the industry as an actress and a singer. During her elementary school years, Beyonce attended multiple genres of dance classes, which included work in jazz and ballet. Her dance teacher was the first one to notice her singing talent, as she was often found humming songs while in class. While she was still in school, Beyonce was able to perform at and eventually win a talent competition with a song by John Lennon. By the time that she was only seven years old, Beyonce had already been able to be noticed in the press for her performances in the local arts. By the time that she was nine years old, she began to enroll in a school for the performing arts. She met one of the girls that would eventually become one of her band mates when she was only eight years old. Although they originally formed a group that included numerous girls, they eventually reduced the number of people in the group down to six. These six members were seen by a producer for a recording studio, who eventually placed Beyonce as the lead vocalist in the group. These six were also featured in a national television show that was popular at the time. In the late 1990s, Beyonce became a part of the group Destiny’s Child as their lead singer. This group went on to break records and became one of the top girl groups in the world, achieving record sales for the music. When Destiny’s Child took a break, Knowles began to pursue a solo career, which became highly successful. Knowles earned five different Grammy awards for her solo work. Since that time, Knowles dated and later married artist Jay-Z, having a child with him. She has appeared in several film roles, in addition to her musical career.